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Must do activities for a weekend in Tahoe




Each year over 3 million people visit Lake Tahoe. With only 356 days in the year that is a lot of visitors on any given day. Most people come to Lake Tahoe for the weekend are limited on time so with this in mind we have created a small list of things to do to make the most out of the time you do spend here to make it as memorable as possible.


 There are few things that you MUST absolutely do in order to get the full experience of Lake Tahoe. Most importantly is spending some time on the water and exploring some of the different coves and beaches. The best way to do that is in one of our clear kayaks. This gives you the ability to explore the surrounding area in a magical way that is unparalleled. In Lake Tahoe you can see up to depths of 65 feet because the water is so clean and clear. In our Clear kayaks this gives you a feeling of floating on the water and allows you to see the underlying beauty of Lake Tahoe including wildlife, plant life and majestic rock formations. We offer guided tours so that you wont miss a thing and you can learn all about the local environment while exploring and having fun.


aerial view of lake tahoe


     Another activity that is a must is hiking in Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay is California’s most photographed location and holds that title for a reason. At one point Emerald Bay was practically over run with invasive water plants but efforts to eradicate them have led to the restoration on Emerald Bays beauty. In the Center of Emerald Bay is an island with an old privately built tea house that is now abandoned. You can hike down to the shore and check that out or hike up above emerald bay and head to eagle falls. Eagle falls is one of Lake Tahoe’s beautiful natural waterfalls that offers amazing views of the entire bay and Lake Tahoe. Emerald Bay is one of the more popular locations so it can be crowded but it is large and there is plenty of room to explore so it is definitely worth checking out.


          A fun activity that is entirely unique to lake Tahoe is a ride in the worlds only Hot Air balloon that launches and lands from a boat on Lake Tahoe. This a way to get literally some of the best views of the entire lake from up above and you are bound to capture some photography that will impress friends and family back home. Room in the basket of the balloon is limited so this activity is better suited for smaller groups but if you have the time this is an experience you absolutely will not forget.



     If you are looking for some entertainment as well as some great food and drinks you can always head down to The Loft which is located in the Heavenly Village. They offer award winning family friendly magic fusion shows 7 nights a week that are a blast and will surely have you falling out of your seat laughing and amazed. Their restaurant, Taste, is American Tapas focused cuisine that has something for everyone and comes in small plates meant for sharing with the group. Their food is absolutely amazing and you are bound to enjoy it whether it be before or after the show.



   Last but not least if you are looking to ditch the crowds you can always head out to desolation wilderness and do some exploring out there. Desolation Wilderness lives up to its name and you are surely going to love the challenge that comes along with hiking out there. This a great way to experience the Lake Tahoe Basin yet be in a remote and uncrowded area. You can find some hidden bodies of water, see a lot more wildlife and explore in a less restricted way. Because this area is more remote please exercise caution and make sure that you are properly prepared for an epic adventure.