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The 7 Best Hikes in Lake Tahoe

If you are visiting the area and you are looking for good hiking recommendations we have you covered. From short hikes to long expeditions we picked out the top 7 hikes Lake Tahoe has to offer!

1. Fallen Leaf Lake Trail

Fallen Leaf Lake has something for everyone. Whether you are looking to go for a longer, more adventurous hike or a simple walk near the shore you will find that Fallen Leaf Lake has it all. This lake is just a short drive from Camp Richardson and is a great way to avoid the normal crowds. At Fallen Leaf Lake you will find amazing views as well as lots of natural wild life. While access to Fallen Leaf Lake is limited during the winter it is also a great location to snowshoe. Find more information here.


2. The Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail is not a beginners trail to say the least. The trail spans 172.5 miles and is for the more experienced hikers. If you are looking to tackle a section or two there are multiple trail entrances and exits. You will see just about everything Lake Tahoe has to offer on this epic trail. The Tahoe Rim Trail is a part of the famous Pacific Crest Trail and you will often see people passing during the season. Find more information here.


3. Lake Of the Sky Trail 

The Lake of the Sky Trail is a 1.9 mile trail offering breathing taking views of Lake Tahoe that you should definitely check out. This trail is located in South Lake Tahoe and is suitable for people of all ages. This trail is a short distance of Camp Richardson and is great for those looking for an afternoon stroll. You often will see local wildlife as well as have access to the beach and great picnic areas. This trail is heavily trafficked so it is best to check it out earlier on in the day when the crowds and the waves are calmer. Find out more info here.


4. Cascade Falls Trail

Located off of Hwy 89 this is a trail you do not want to miss out on. Cascade Falls Trail is only about 2 miles long but is worth the trip. You get to witness breathtaking views while standing at the edge of a waterfall and this is where you will see some of the best views in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Cascade Falls Trail can be a little tricky but older children are generally able to tackle it with no problem. Parking can be difficult to find at this location so the early you go the better. Click here for more info.


5. The Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon Trail is a hike meant for intermediate hikers. Round trip this is an 8 mile hike that offers views of Emerald Bay, the lake, the mountains and thick forests filled with wild life. This trail is trafficked frequently so planning your trip is essential. If you only have time to hike a quick yet rewarding trail in Lake Tahoe this would be the trail to do. Find more information about the Rubicon Trail here.


6. Mt. Tallac Hike

This is one of the most challenging hikes in the area as it takes you to the top of the highest mountain in the Lake Tahoe Basin. While being difficult the views at the top are rewarding and well worth the effort. View Lake Tahoe in a way that few get to witness. The hike is approximately 10 miles round trip so you will want to make sure to pack and dress accordingly.  A hiking permit is required for this trail and can be obtained at the trail head. Find out more about reaching the top here.


7. Eagle Falls

This is out absolute favorite location to hike to and a quick visit will show you why. You get panoramic views of Lake Tahoe as well as Emerald Bay all while in the presence of one of the most majestic water falls in Lake Tahoe. This is a relatively easy hike the most difficult part is finding parking. While the hike is not very challenging the water falls can be a slippery and dangerous area and you should always exercise caution and think twice about bringing children. Find out how to reach this awesome destination here.