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Scenic Shoreline Tour

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Guided Scenic Shoreline Tour in Clear Kayaks

The Scenic Shoreline Tour takes you north along the picturesque Lake Tahoe shoreline to explore beautiful coves, cliffs, and sights along the shore as well as up to 75 feet below the surface. You have the opportunity to paddle past the famous Cave Rock tunnel and some of Lake Tahoe’s elaborate luxury estates. Cave Rock State Park offers a beautiful sandy cove where you can see gold flakes sparkling off the sandy lake floor!

Scenic Shoreline Tour for Kids

This tour includes fun facts, history, and I Spy cards for both adults and children to enjoy. The Scenic Shoreline Tour for Kids is highly recommended for families with young children between the ages of 5 and 7. The child-version of this tour detours to explore more sights that the little ones are sure to enjoy.

Inclusions and Amenities

This tour includes equipment, set-up, life jackets, paddles, and basic on-beach instruction prior to the start of our tour. Amenities include small coolers with complimentary waters and granola bars as well as dry bags for the items you don’t want to get wet. Your tour includes:

  • Clear kayak and paddle
  • USCG approved life preserver
  • I Spy wildlife ID cards