Edgewood Clear Kayak Excursion Image 4
Early Morning Tours Explore the clarity and depths of up to 65 feet through our completely transparent kayaks!

Enjoy the picturesque Lake Tahoe landscape on one of our early morning clear kayak activities. Paddle through beautiful sandy coves, past cliffs and the idyllic rocky shoreline. Explore sights both along the shoreline as well as below the surface at depths reaching 65-70 feet. 

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Afternoon Eco Tours Observe an array of plants and wildlife on this adventurous experience!

Our Afternoon Eco Tours are an exciting way to explore the Lake Tahoe Basin. Experience an array of plants and wildlife as you paddle along the river and South Lake Tahoe shoreline. Common animal sightings include a variety of birds, fish, beavers, bears and coyotes. 

Captured on 07,12, 2019 by Brian Walker / Brian Walker Photography
Evening LED Tours Enjoy the colorful LED lights as you stargaze on Lake Tahoe!

Relax and paddle along the glassy evening waters with the bright stars above and the illumination of colorful LED lights below on this unique clear kayak experience! Look into the sky to stargaze or down below to explore a variety of fish and plants visible by the glow of the LED lights. listen to music and paddle at your leisure on this incredible BUCKET LIST experience!