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Plan B - Alternative Work Schedule

As the off-season quickly approaches and we anticipate coming closures due to AQI conditions, we will be creating a secondary alternative work schedule to supplement regular shifts in the event of tour/rental closures. Please complete the form below by 12:00pm on Monday, September 12th or as soon as possible to be scheduled alternative shifts during this time.

Employee Information


Do you need to work during this time?
Please note: Clearly Tahoe is anticipating closure of tours and rentals due to smoke and AQI conditions in the Lake Tahoe area. We will be attempting to provide alternative work opportunities to those who need hours during this time.
What alternative jobs would you be interested in working?
Please note: not all choices below will be guaranteed and are subject to needs and may require additional training.
What alternative locations would you be willing to work?
Please note: Please specify any and all locations that you would be willing to work at.
Are you intending to work through the end of November if shifts are available?
Clearly Tahoe will be open and operating all all locations through the end of November wind and weather permitting.
Are you interested in working over the winter?
Clearly Tahoe will be offering hiking/snow shoe tours as well as Polar Paddle (winter kayaking) tours in addition to (2) retail shops over the winter months. Please let us know if you are planning to work over the winter.
Are you interested in guiding hiking or snow shoe tours?
Are you interested in working Haunted LED Night tours?
Clearly Tahoe offers LED Haunted tours from the Tahoe Keys Marina Thursday - Sunday between October 13th and 23rd. Positions may include guiding, acting scary or on-site coordination. Let us know if your interested in helping out!
Are you interested in working winter Polar Paddle tours?
Please note: Our Polar Paddles are winter kayak experiences and will require the guides to be setting up and breaking down in cold temperatures.


Are you interested in furthering your level of certification?
Clearly Tahoe will be scheduling Lifeguard, First Aid and CPR courses over the next few weeks. Please let us know if you are interested in obtaining or renewing any of these certifications. Note: and updated CPR and First Aid certification is a requirement for most positions with Clearly Tahoe.

Team Camping Trip

Are you interested in attending the Employee Camping Trip?
Our Employee camping trip is currently scheduled for Monday, September 19th - Wednesday, September 21st at Fallen Leaf Lake Campground.
Would you like to see us re-locate the camping trip to a location outside of the Lake Tahoe basin?
We are currently considering re-scheduling the location of the camping trip to a region outside of the basin for better AQI conditions. This would be within a 5 hour proximity of South Lake Tahoe and likely closer to Yosemite or Mammoth Lakes. If the location is re-located, the duration may be extended to 3 or 4 nights instead of just 2.

Additional Comments, Questions.

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