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Boat Captain

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Boat Captain | South Lake Tahoe, CA
Part-Time (20-30 hours) / Full-Time (32+ Hours)
Seasonal (6-8 Months)

Job description
Our boat captain will be responsible for operating our 46ft tri-toon, the Clearly Explorer. Our captain will be responsible for boat related needs and day-to-day operations. Our captain will oversee a team of up to 3-6 tour guides and deck hands trained to facilitate guided tours from the Clearly Explorer. Our captain will be responsible for ensuring conditions are suitable for operations and deciding where the Clearly Tahoe will go taking into consideration wind, weather and seasonal boat activity. Our captain will be responsible for ensuring the vessel is in good mechanical condition and will be responsible for assisting with boat-related mechanical needs including but not limited to simple maintenance and scheduling of licensed contractors, mechanics etc. Our boat captain will be expected to coordinate team drills and trainings aboard the Clearly Explorer and will help with scheduling the crew for tour operations and trainings. This position will be responsible for keeping daily logs and submitting week-end reports. Our boat captain will be responsible for keeping a tight schedule and ensuring all operations are running safely and smoothly for the upmost enjoyable experience for our guests and team members.

About Clearly Tahoe
Clearly Tahoe is a full-service recreational company in the Lake Tahoe area that specializes in guided tours and rentals on both land and water. We currently feature guided tours from 7 different Lake Tahoe locations, operate 1 on-site rental concessions and 2 adventure-themed retail shops in the Tahoe basin. In addition to our popular tours in completely transparent kayaks, Clearly Tahoe also offers on-site rentals from the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park, excursions from our 46 foot tri-toon, hiking, biking and snowshoe tours during the off-season. With a team of more than 60 employees, Clearly Tahoe offers a variety of both seasonal and year-round positions, in-house training, and growth opportunities.

Work Environment
Our boat captain will primarily be schedule to work at our Tahoe Keys Marina location located in South Lake Tahoe, CA but may be expected to assist with off-site needs as well as attend meetings off-site from time to time. Our boat captain will be scheduled to either open or close during peak season but may be responsible for both during the off-season or on shorter days. This is a tiered team work environment where the captain will be expected to oversee a supervisor-level deck hand as well as up to 2 tour guides during a shift. Shifts at this location will most commonly begin at 7:30 or 8:30am and will last 9.5-10 hours/day on a normal day. Shifts may be as short a 6-hours if there is unfavorable weather conditions or if the team is simply running drills or promotional events. Captain and crew will have the opportunity to take a standard lunch on-site between scheduled excursions and will be expected to end their shift between 5 and 7:00pm. Shifts at this location will be paid OT for daily hours exceeding 10 hours/shift. Team members at this locations will generally be scheduled to work 4-10/hour shifts for full-time employment and 2-3 days/week and 10-30 hours/week for part-time positions. The season for our Clearly Explorer operation runs from May 1st – October 31st but may be extended earlier or later int he event of favorable weather conditions.

Boat Captain Primary Responsibilities
– Clock-in on-time prepared to work.
– Check the weather conditions and ensure they are suitable for daily operations.
– Notify reservation office of any need to cancel or reschedule due to wind or weather conditions.
– Assist with calling off team and/or guests if necessary.
– Create daily tour plan.
– Ensure team is on-site and prepared to work.
– Inspect the vessel and insure it is ready to operate.
– Fuel vessel if necessary and keep fuel log/schedule/calendar updated
– Assist with check-in/outfitting of guests (when necessary)
– Ensure everyone keeps time and tours depart as scheduled.
– Communicate with the marina, and other vessels on the water pre-departure (if necessary)
– Conduct safety brief before departure.
– Safely facilitate guided excursions, charters and tours from the Clearly Explorer.
– Oversee all activities in session.
– Log and report any incidents or damages immediately to all necessary parties.
– Ensure team breaks as scheduled and clocks out at the end of their shift in a timely manner.
– Not any needs for the Explorer.
– View upcoming conditions and prepare/edit draft tour plans.
– Ensure all closing tasks for the Explorer have been completed. Assist when necessary.
– Help with maintenance-related needs aboard the explorer.
– Keep active logs.

Boat Captain Should be able to comfortably;
– Communicate in English. Bilingual preferred.
– Understand common Tahoe-specific weather conditions.
– Understand Tahoe-specific water-level concerns and obstacles.
– Understand Tahoe-specific boating activity and congestion areas.
– Communicate and oversee team in a professional manner.
– Understand and oversee multiple-moving parts.
– Comfortably engage with guests in person or via email/phone.
– Professionally enforce company policies.
– Manage time and multi-task.
– Professionally operate large vessel with passengers aboard.
– Oversee water-related activities while operating vessel.
– Navigate large vessel in tight areas with wind and traffic-related obstacles.
– Keep daily logs for various aspects of operations
– Communicate with other Clearly Tahoe departments
– Submit weekly reports
– Coordinate and facilitate trainings
– Help schedule team
– Log and report incidents/damage appropriately.
– Ensure team breaks and clocks out on-time.
– Help coordinate marina-related needs.
– Ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Job Types: Part-Time/Full-Time, Seasonal (8 Months)

Training Rate: $14.00/hour (Nevada)
Training Rate: $16.00/hour (California)
Starting Rate: $30.00-34.00/hour + OT

Please Note; standard shifts for this position will be 9.5-10 hours (weather permitting). Overtime is paid our 1.5x hourly rate for time exceeding 8 hours/day.


  • Discounted Recreational Experiences
  • Shop Discounts
  • Team Activities


  • 6 hour shift
  • 10 hour shift
  • 2-4 days/week (part-time)

NOTE: Schedule may vary seasonally.

Supplemental pay types:

  • Performance Based Bonuses

Ability to commute/relocate:

  • Clearly Tahoe
    2435 Venice Drive East
    South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

NOTE: Must be able to reliably commute or relocate before starting work (Required)

Job Qualifications:

  • Must be fluent in English. Bilingual preferred.
  • 2+ Years Customer Service Experience *Required*
  • General seafaring skills.
  • Experience with navigation, boat handling, engines and radio equipment.
  • Valid Captains License

Preferred Skills:

  • Communicate with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Self-starter. Ability to identify problems and propose solutions independently.


  • American Red Cross First Aid/CPR *Required*
  • 100 Ton+ Captains License *Required*