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Clearly Tahoe & Boxed Water

Discover the refreshing sustainability of our kayak tours with our new offering of boxed water! At Clearly Tahoe, we’re committed to preserving the pristine environments we explore around Lake Tahoe. That’s why we’ve switched to boxed water for all our excursions, understanding that at higher altitudes, proper hydration is crucial for your comfort and well-being.

The lower air pressure and drier air at high altitudes can lead to increased water loss through respiration and sweat. To stay hydrated and feel your best during your paddle adventure, remember to drink more water than usual and replenish electrolytes regularly. Your body will thank you for it! During our guided clear kayak tours we provide Boxed Water for all of our vessels, which is essential especially in the summer months.

These eco-friendly cartons are made from renewable resources and are 100% recyclable. By choosing boxed water, you’re helping to reduce plastic waste and protect the waters we navigate.

Join us on one of our unforgettable kayak tours and enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving a trace. Together, let’s paddle towards a cleaner, greener future!

About Boxed Water

From renewable resources to responsible production, the story of sustainability goes well beyond recycling. Even when they’re recycled, plastic bottles and aluminum cans damage our planet for centuries. While both are recyclable (like Boxed Water), plastic and aluminum production is largely outpacing recycling efforts. Wishcycling won’t erase the choice to use plastic or cans of water.

Boxed Water™ is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and a partner of the National Forest Foundation, One Tree Planted, and Ocean Blue Project. Together, we’ve planted over 1.5 million trees and have cleaned beaches from coast-to-coast

Better planet, better experience

Book your adventure with Boxed Water hydration

  • Our Most Picturesque Expeirence!

Paddle through the turquoise-blue water and along the iconic rocky shoreline as you enjoy a 365 degree of the beauty that surrounds you. This guided 1.5 tour will give guests a chance to experience the clarity of Lake Tahoe and visibility of up to 75 feet below the surface through their completely transparent kayak. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about Lake Tahoe as well as how to help preserve and protect it. 

  • Most Unique Experience on Lake Tahoe!
From $219

Embark on the ultimate Lake Tahoe Experience as you board our 46ft tri-toon for this 3 hour all-inclusive charter with completely clear kayaks. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a short cruise along the shoreline of Lake Tahoe with our helpful and educational staff. Upon arrival a destination of the captains choosing, guests will have the opportunity to participate in a guided kayak tour which will launch from the vessel itself! Guests on this experience will have a unique opportunity to truly explore the path less paddled on this unique clear kayak excursion.

  • Family Friendly LED Clear Kayak Tour!
From $119

Enjoy an LED Clear Kayak Tour suitable for the whole family! Our LED Glow tour is a truly unique way to enjoy an evening on Lake Tahoe! The LED Glow tour begins at dusk and takes guests on a short eco paddle as the sky begins to darken, and the glow from the LED lights begin to take over. Guests will have the opportunity to experience some surrounding plants and animals and enjoy the relaxing evening paddle with a bioluminescent ambiance.

Please note: The water is not very clear on this experience, and while you are very likely to see wildlife on this tour, Clearly Tahoe cannot guarantee sightings as we do not bait, trap or lure animals.

From $119

Paddle into the night on this bucket list experience. Explore nature along the shoreline as you paddle out onto the lake with the moonlight on the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Relax and enjoy the bright stars up above with the illumination of colorful LED lights below!


  • Our Only Pet-Friendly Clear Kayak Experience!

Our Scenic Shoreline Tour is our original and most diverse clear kayak experience. Guests on our Scenic Shoreline Tour will have the opportunity to explore beautiful coves that glisten with pyrite (fools gold), paddle along geological rock formations that lead us to reflect on the history and origin of Lake Tahoe, as well as elaborate lake front estates and the famous Cave Rock cliffs. This 1.5 hour guided tour in completely clear kayaks will take guests along the shoreline to experience depths of up to 75 feet below the surface. Across the lake, guests will have a panoramic view of the Sierra Nevada mountains and Mount Tallac on the horizon. 

  • Our Featured Land Excursion!

Kick into gear on this exciting bike tour through the forest of Lake Tahoe as you enjoy wildlife and secluded summit-lakes. Guests on this 2.5 hour guided experience will have the opportunity to explore more sights in a shorter period with the help of an electric-assist mountain bike. The group will have the opportunity to enjoy continued instruction, history, fun facts, and occasional wildlife sightings as they listen to a helpful guide through our helmet intercom system. This is a great introductory experience to mountain biking and a unique way to explore the Tahoe summit! 

  • The Only Winter Kayak Experience on Lake Tahoe!

Escape to the calm, clear and serene atmosphere of Lake Tahoe on this 1.5 hour leisurely paddle along the shoreline. Enjoy breathtaking views of the snow-capped Sierras, rocky coves and water clarity at it’s finest. Guest on this experience can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating tour as they collect their thoughts and some interesting facts about the water clarity and environmental impacts seasonality brings to the lake.