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Employee Camping Trip

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The following section should only be completed by those attending. NOTE: This not a mandatory activity but instead an optional team-outing. Employees are welcome to bring (1) guests and up to (1) well behaved dog per responsible handler. Sites and basic needs will be provided by Clearly Tahoe although attendees will be expected to contribute by bringing additional food, games and drinks (if preferred). If you have additional camping that others can use, please note that below.
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Please note: All pets must be well behaved, under supervision at all times and up to date on all necessary vaccinations. Handler must abide by all rules and regulations of Campground. If you are not willing to monitor our pet 24-7 or your pet might not be friendly with other dogs, please leave them at home.

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Please Note: This is an optional company sponsored activity. While we do welcome everyone to attend, there is not requirement to attend this activity nor is the company responsible for any actions, accidents or incidents arising from participation in such activity. We do ask that all participants behave and abide by all rules, regulations and laws regarding alcohol consumption and any other aspects of the activity and respect other visitors, staff and general public at the Fallen Leaf Campground during our stay. Any team members, guests or team members with pets who do not abide by outlined rules and regulations will be asked to leave and should do so in a quiet and responsible manner.(Required)
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