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Best time to kayak on Lake Tahoe

Visitors frequent the Lake Tahoe area all year round weather it be in search of sun or snow. When visiting Lake Tahoe for the first time one can’t help but want to grab a boat and paddle out on the crystal clear waters… But when is the best time to kayak?

#1.) Wake Up Early
There are a few things to consider when planning your ideal kayak experience on Lake Tahoe. Weather it be in the spring, fall summer or winter, time of day is always going to be a factor. Many far the chilly weather in the morning but are unaware of the strong afternoon rays we get in the high altitude. Others may simply want to sleep in and take their time grabbing breakfast before hitting the lake. One should re-consider delaying their trip on Lake Tahoe because to much surprise, the early morning hours are certainly the best time to get out on the Lake.

#2.) Beat the Wind
It’s best recommended to get started as early in the day as possible then planning your paddle experience. While Tahoe is know for nearly 75% of sunny weather, winds can be extremely detrimental to your recreational experience and commonly start picking up between 11am and 1pm.

#3.) Avoid Boat Activity 
While the wind and weather plays a huge factor in the water conditions, so do boats. A couple jet skis circling your “paddle area” might have the same effect of 12 knot winds. It is best recommended to avoid holiday weekends and high traffic areas for this reason. If possible, try aiming for Monday-Friday.

#4.) Stay Warm
Ok, we’re getting close to narrowing down that perfect time to kayak. One thing to consider is the temperature of the water. While the temperature doesn’t change much from summer to winter, it is certainly the warmest near the end of August. If you plan on spending some time off your kayak, warmer water might be preferable.

#6.) See Clearly 
As summer moves on and autumn approaches, the water only gets clearer. The clearest time of the year believe it or not is actually winter. The later in the season you come, the clearer those conditions will be. As long as the sun is still out and the air is still warm, you’ll see us out there on the water!

Don’t: Plan for an afternoon on 4th of July Weekend.
Do: Aim for an early morning mid-week during the month of September.