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How to make a difference during your time in Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe is among many beautiful destinations around the world that have been negatively impacted by increasing tourism and overuse. It is now, more important than ever, to educate locals and visitors on the threats to these incredible eco-systems and advocate for corrective maintenance and solutions to various problems. There are many ways to Make a Difference from supporting and eco-conscious business, volunteering for clean-ups or choosing environmentally friendly products. We’ve highlighted some simple ways that YOU can help Make a Difference here in Lake Tahoe!

  1. Support Eco-Conscious Businesses
    Many local businesses in the Lake Tahoe area advocate for environmental solutions. Try choosing a business that hosts their own clean-ups, sources local or recycles materials or supports local organizations.
  2. Learn how to Identify Environmental Threats
    There are various programs and resources around the lake designed to educate locals and visors on the various threats to the Lake Tahoe area. Stop in a visitors center, read informative signs or join the League to Save Lake Tahoe Eyes on the Lake training to learn how to identify and help solve problems.
  3. Donate to a Local Organization
    There are many organizations around the lake designed to gather research, facilitate educational programs, maintain trails, coordinate clean-ups or aid in wildlife conservation. If you love Lake Tahoe and can’t physically be here to Make a Difference, you can donate to one of these amazing organizations who can! Some great organizations are listed below.
  1. Volunteer for a Local Clean-Up
    Volunteer for a local clean-up or take a moment to pick up trash on the trails during your hike. It’s recommended to bring a bio-degradable bag, gloves and hand sanitizer in that backpack in case you come across and opportunity to Make a Difference on your various Tahoe adventures!

    a flock of seagulls standing on a rocky beacha man standing on a rock

  2. Choose Eco-Friendly Products
    Avoid the plastic when possible and try opting for eco-friendly products like Boxed Water or use a re-usable water bottle. Be aware of what you’re purchasing and what impact it may have in the long term. Some companies like Raw Elements USA sunscreen offer eco-friendly products that won’t harm the reef or marine life while other companies like Tahoe Timber source sustainable and renewable resources for awesome sunglasses.
  3. Opt for Alternative Transportation
    Lake Tahoe is lined with beautiful trails to walk or bike to nearly every destination. With limited parking at many beaches, it may be beneficial to both you as well as the environment to choose two instead of four wheels. When possible, try slowing down and enjoying the ride or stretching your legs on the picturesque trails that Lake Tahoe has to offer!Whatever you decide to do during your time in Tahoe, there are many ways your can Make a Difference and help preserve this beautiful destination for years to come!

There are so many ways you can help Make a Difference when recreating in Tahoe or support local organizations who do. However you choose to contribute, we appreciate any support to help sustain the Lake Tahoe area for visitors and locals to enjoy for years to come.

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